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Since 2008, Atomole has been providing various fine chemicals, pharmaceutical intermediates, APIs, and natural products to meet customer demands in quantities ranging from grams to kilograms. 

Because of the high quality products and good service,the company has established  cooperation with many top companies in the pharmaceutical industry,such as Pfizer, Abbott, Merck,  GSK, Bayer,Boehringer Ingelheim,Johnsons&Johnsons etc.
If you want to order our product please send email to And tell us your shipping and billing address.For foreign customers, the shipping and handling fee are usually USD100 for goods less than 500g, and for large and sensitive items traveling abroad, please contact us for a shipping quote, preferably before purchasing.

Our Products

Atomole provides chemicals of the following fields:
All products ship with a detailed COA (certificate of analysis) and MSDS (material safety data sheet).

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